Meet Jill of All Tradez


I guess you are here because you wanted to know a bit about me, huh? 😛 Well, I am not all that good talking about myself But I’ll give it a shot.

So, Heya! I am Krupaali Vachhrajani. I am supposedly an Engineer, By passion, I am a Blogger, Love making YouTube Videos, I am a singer (not a bathroom one, ofc)

I am more into Fitness but also eat a lot. Love cooking but It depends on my mood. I make Sketches and Paintings (Just sometimes)

I love to reach certain heights and see the world. That’s the reason of my love for hiking.

Nature is the only thing that left me fascinating about its beauty.

I literally can live in between the mountains if someone allows me to do that :p

So now you would understand a bit that I can do multiple things and from this, the name comes Jill of all trades. Which means Master of none but above average in everything.

I am born and brought up in Ahmadabad and completed my education from the same city. I am From a Gujarati family and I don’t like fafda, dhokla, khakhra. Also, I don’t speak Hindi like Sejal (from Harry met Sejal)

People like me a lot, they find me Sweet and innocent :p

By being here I am sure you would love to be a part of my journey. I am gonna share Little bit of everything I love to do. Sometimes You might find it helpful sometimes not but sticking over here you’ll have fun.

I believe that it is good to be crazy, kiddish and happy rather than being normal and bitter. I believe in fairytales and Santa Claus. I love Soft toys and balloons. Yes, I am a big kid.

This is how I am.

If you are following me on Instagram, my handle name is the same @jillofalltradez_. Also, I own another handle that is @lafoodtales. Go to the @lafoodtales section to know more about it.

You can find my videos on YouTube (JillofAllTradez) filming out random things.

Now you will ask, Karti kya ho?

So, Currently juggling between my career goals. As every other engineer, I am confused about my career and I Don’t feel guilty about it.


So, That’s all guys It was a brief intro about me.

I love doing all these things so I thought to give it a shot. Let’s see how it goes

*fingers crossed* 😉