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Why Workout Is Necessary!

I am seeing many people complaining (or not complaining about their bodies) don’t exercise at all.

Some people think that they are in shape and they don’t really need to exercise, which is totally wrong. They look fit from the outside but unhealthy from inside. Your body gets older and inner fat grows, which probably your body doesn’t show on the outer side.

This thing will affect on your metabolism as well. No matter how much you are slim, if you are not exercising regularly, you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Your body muscles should be fit and firm. Those who workout regularly have their body muscles tight and in shape.


In fact, exercise can help keep your body at a healthy weight. It decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.


You don’t need to hit the gym, there’s no need.


You can workout at home. If you want to have a look, I have added some workout videos on Youtube (Click Here)

Also, you can choose to walk if you are aged.


Set a goal to walk atleast 30-40 mins a day or you can choose a quick 7 minutes workout challenge if you are running out of time.


The Best Time to Workout

Early morning is the best time for Exercise.


Before the streets getting chaotic, you can go for a jogging.


The morning hours have the least amount of pollution in the air. Fresh air has oxygen along with other gases. When you inhale oxygen, it gets delivered to the cells, which use it to perform all functions. When your body functions properly, the chances of you suffering from various diseases diminishes.


Perks of Workout

Reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Manage your weight better.

Have a lower blood cholesterol level.

Lower the risk of diabetes and some cancers.

Have stronger bones, muscles and joints.

Recover better from periods of hospitalisation or bed rest

Feel better with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better.

It may block negative thoughts or distract you from daily worries.

Exercising with others provides an opportunity for increased social contact.

It also changes levels of chemicals in your brains, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones.

So what else do you need to motivate yourself?


Hope this article will atleast help one person to get motivated.


All the best.


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