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Why Green Tea is Important!

What is Green Tea?

Well, for this question I have taken out the information from Wikipedia and different websites. so here you go.

  • The tea was originated first in China about 5000 years ago. They were using green tea as medicine.
    Today going back to the ancient roots, and green tea is gaining popularity as it has proven benefits.
    So, If you have a penchant for drinking tea but have become health conscious, you may want to look a little more into the drink that is now claimed as one the healthiest drink out here!

    How I am using Green Tea:

  • Green Tea is part of my everyday schedule. I drink it twice in a day. It is really effective for my body and I have been drinking it since more than 2years now. I add honey for some flavoured taste. Usually, I drink tulsi flavour as it gives me some really refreshing feel. I have tried different brands and recently I have ordered the Green Teas from Jarved World.
    The different types of superior teas they deliver are so Authentic. It comes in a box which I can later use to store things. Also, it is a really good option to gift someone.
    Green tea is a very healthy drink as it does not contain any sugar or calories; it has many antioxidants and is extremely refreshing.
  • They have different types of green teas.
    Assam Green Tea, Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea, Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Lemongrass Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Tulsi Green Tea, Brisk Green Tea
    What I liked ab0ut this brand is they use natural Ingredients: No Oils, No Added Aromas, No Added Flavours, No Artificial Essences, Just Pure and Natural Teas.
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    Types of Green Tea

  • All the types of teas are made from the same plant but what makes them different is how they are processed. There are only three categories of tea: green, oolong, and black tea.
  • The leaves that are not allowed to ferment at all are called green tea. When green tea leaves are picked, farmers stop the oxidization of the leaves, therefore halting the fermentation process from progressing. Green tea is a very healthy drink as it does not contain any sugar or calories; it has many antioxidants and is extremely refreshing. Green tea needs the oxidization process to be halted. Farmers choose different types of techniques. For example, In China, they pan fry the leaves to stop them from oxidizing.
    Where in Japan they steam the leaves and then dry out.
  • Types:
    Mint Green tea: It will give you a taste of mint and is quite refreshing

    Lemon green tea: It has the taste of lemon and this does not require any flavour to be added for better taste.Tulsi green tea: It is really good for the body but the taste is not so good.

    Jasmin green tea: It cools the body.

    Matcha green tea: This is powdered green tea and mostly used in Japan.

    Gunpowder green tea: It is popular in China and helps to improve metabolism.

    Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Weight loss:
    Drinking green tea daily increases the oxidation of fats during workouts, which means that you will drop weight much faster once you make it a habit.

    Improves the health of the heart:
    Drinking green tea can help lower the bad cholesterol levels in your body, which play a direct role in contributing to heart diseases.

    Boosts Immunity:
    One of the benefits of drinking green tea with honey is that it boosts the immune system.

    Helps in depression:
    People who drink a minimum of four cups of green tea daily are also less likely to show signs of depression. Green tea contains the chemicals which are known to fight depression. The caffeine that is present in green tea also helps fight depression, stress, and anxiety.

    Cures hangovers:
    Drinking green tea is also known to cure a hangover; the trick is to consume it before you start drinking or the day after. It can help prevent liver damage.

    Skin benefits:
    There are many benefits of green tea for the skin.
    Dark circles are something that most people suffer from at some point or the other. The caffeine shrinks and decreases the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes and treats the dark circles. Take a couple of tea bags that you soak, let them chill in the freezer for half an hour, then place on your eyes.
    As it boosts immune system it helps treat Acne
    You can apply green tea topically in the form of masks and toners. Brewed tea can also be frozen into ice cubes and used on the face.

    It is also used as an anti-ageing formula
    Moisten some green tea leaves and then mix it with some honey in order to make a face mask. After cleaning your face, apply it and leave it on for about twenty minutes and then rinse with warm or cool water.

    Heal the sunburn
    To treat sunburn, all you have to do is, brew a pot of green tea, strain it, and allow it to cool. After that, soak a piece of cloth in the tea and use it as a cold compress for sunburned areas

    Good for hair
    Yet another thing to add to the long list of pros of green tea is that it is good for hair.

    I am not a certified trainer nor nutritionist it’s just that I have some knowledge and I have taken out some information from the sources.
    Drinking green tea is beneficial for you in so many ways but remember, that too much of a good thing is bad. Don’t start drinking lots of green tea all of a sudden, rather start slow and increase the amount once your body gets used to it. If you suffer from any medical issues, consult with your doctor before adding it into your daily routine.


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