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Reasons why you should eat street food often

While travelling to a new city, the one thing that makes you crave and awakens your adventurous soul is the food and its delicacies. In fact, many times the place in itself gets defined by the food it has to offer. Traveling to a new place, be it a country or a city,  could be daunting for some and pleasant for others, but each one of us wants to experience the best these places have to offer.
I, somehow, feel that each city is defined by the type or quality of street food it offers. Billions of people around the world eat street food every day. Street food is a divisive topic in the food blogging fraternity. A lot of people associate street food with dirty, unhygienic and food poisoning. While for others it is the true and authentic food.
Earlier, even I was fond of cafes and fine-dine restaurants but when I started exploring street food, I realized that the varieties it offers, the emotions associated with it and most importantly the authenticity it brings.
I do not intend to suggest you that you should avoid cafes and fine-dines but you should try street food often.
Here are the most obvious reasons why you should eat Street food:
  • They will make your food in front of you:
    Food will be cooked right in front of you. You can see the ingredients that are getting used. Whether the vegetables being used are fresh. It is likely to give you more confidence and increase your craving as you watch your food getting prepared.
  • It won’t pinch your pocket:
    Street food is the cheapest among all and it not only saves money for teenagers getting pocket money every month but also for many backpackers who frequently visit new places. Also if it is the month end and you are running out of the budget, Street food is the savior.
  • Food Stall owners don’t waste food:
    As the stall owners run on tight budgets, they avoid making food in large quantity, just plenty to survive the day as it takes a lot of money to bear the costs of storing that food. Whereas in cafes/fine-dines, supplies are usually ordered in bulk quantity and stored in the freezer for weeks. The food isn’t dumped down at street stalls, unlike hotels.
  • You can interact openly with your Friends:
    If you are sitting in cafe/fine-dine you have to maintain some etiquette, speak slowly so that people around you don’t get disturbed. I have experienced it many times that If you talk too much to a waiter and be frank with them, the manager will scold the waiter for openly discussing with customers. Whereas at street stalls, you can be yourself, there is no one to judge you. You can laugh, you can talk to the man who is preparing your food in fact that person will become happier when you pay attention to them and it might prompt them to make your food more delicious.
Isn’t this enough to make you understand why street food is a good option for eating out?
So, what is your favorite  street food?


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